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Rest in Peace, Captain Beefheart.


On Tuesday, I had a bad fall while ice skating with my children.

Wednesday, I was hobbling around on a cane all day. My hip hurt dreadfully.

Thursday, I still needed the cane, but took fewer painkillers.

Friday, I felt good. I still had some pain in my hip, but didn't need huge doses of painkillers.

Today, I'm about the same. I think my recovery has plateaued.

Sufferin' Succotash!

I had a good morning (cooking), and a sad, weary afternoon (no idea why), then a great time playing chamber music and now I'm in a fantastic mood.

Thanks Have Been Given

Thanksgiving was fun. My niece, whom I used to babysit, is now 13 and as tall as I am.

Right now, I'm alone at home and trying to decide what to do next. My wife is mad at me (with reason) and I hope she has calmed down by the time she gets home with the boys.

My bronchitis is gone, I think.

I Don't Want to Work

I can't work today. I have had a bad cold for more than a week, and I suspect that it has (once again) led to an opportunistic infection (bronchitis). If I'm right, it'll be the third time this year.

At least I don't feel as if I am going to keel over and die. I have a bad sore throat, but otherwise I feel all right.

I'm done, man

My regular taiji teacher signed off on it, metaphorically: I have officially learned the Yang form all the way through.

I'm very pleased about this. I'll keep going to class so I can polish it, but I don't have any more new moves to learn.

More bad news

The noted movie director George Hickenlooper died yesterday at age 47.

He was also one of my college classmates.

The whole situation is very distressing. How on earth does someone die of "natural causes" at age 47? My thoughts are with his wife and son.

This doesn't bode well

My wife is sick and one of my sons is sick. How long until I'm sick as well?

On the other hand, maybe I'll be able to take a day off work...

I'm a fast learner

At my t'ai chi ch'uan class this morning, I officially learned the last moves in the Yang Family Style form which I've been studying for the last five years or so.

I'm actually a year or two ahead of where I expected to be at this point, so I'm not complaining. And it's nice to be able to do the whole form; no more ending and saying "This is all I know."

Today's class was taught by a substitute, Lou. I expect my regular teacher, Mary Ellen, will want me to back up and relearn this stuff next week. Hey, fine by me.

Give the past the slip

I wore my Devo "energy dome" to the elementary school today, as my Halloween costume.

According to the children at the school, my costume was:

—an upside-down flowerpot

—a Lego


After a while, when kids asked me what it was, I told them "I'm a guy from that rock band... you know... the Beatles!"